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Hobbyist or Professional?



At the table, Tash is trying to find something in the book while Emma writes something on her sheet.

Tash: Farid, I can’t find a skill for diplomacy, am I looking in the right place?

Farid: Let me see.

Farid takes the book, and gets a confused look on his face as he reads.

Farid: Here it is… Huh? Oh.

Tash: What?

Farid holds up his hands as Tash takes the book, looking annoyed.

Farid: It’s listed as a specialty of the Hobby skill.

Tash: What does that even mean?

In the game, Tash and Emma are sipping blood from fancy glasses at an ornate table.

Tash: Oh, you know, I dabble in Diplomacy, but not for a living.

Emma: That’s either a bad skill categorization, or a scathing critique of modern international relations.  



  1. Henry Lancaster

    I get the impression that Emma’s character is drinking straight from the bottle.

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