Comics: Once Upon a Trope

Hidden Identity


Hero 1: I’m going to tell my girlfriend I’m a superhero with special powers.

Hero 2: You don’t want to do that.

Hero 1: Why not? That way she’ll understand why I cancel on her so often.

Hero 2: Trust me, she can’t handle the truth.

Hero 1: You mean that since people fear what they don’t understand, she’ll despise my powers.

Hero 2: No, I mean she’ll despise that her girlfriend is the keeper of a scientific breakthrough but is keeping it to herself so she can dress up in costumes and perform for news cameras.

Hero 1: Oh.



  1. Jeppsson

    This whole “keeping your superhero identity secret from your loved ones” sure has become far less common in modern times, and for good reason…

  2. Slayd

    Yeah… You’d think that the army would pay big money for some Iron Man suits.

  3. Alverant

    Will her girlfriend want to get in on the superheroing?

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