Superhero 1 stabs Superhero 2 through the midsection with a long sword.

Superhero 1: Aha! You’re dead.

Superhero 2 is still standing with the sword in their midsection. The two superheroes stare at each other blankly. 

Superhero 1: This is the part where you die.

Superhero 2: I feel fine actually.

Superhero 1:  Oh. Well in that case, do you want to continue the fight?

Superhero 2: In a minute. I think I might need to . . . reboot or something?

Superhero 1 turns away to smirk and flex a muscle. Superhero 2 has removed the sword from their midsection and is raising it to strike.

Superhero 1: No problem, I’ll just look triumphantly in the other direction while you do that.

Superhero 2: Okay, but you really should try this out.

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