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Heroic Justice


A hero is kicking the ass of a bunch of minions wearing matching outfits. The villain is behind them. The angry hero grabs him by the shirt. Regular people are crowded around.

Hero: You’re done, villain! I’ll make sure you never torment the fair citizens of Metroville again…

Watching Citizens: Yay!

The now-calm hero is handcuffing the villain. The crowd looks mad and is carrying protest signs saying things like “Villains must die.”

Hero: …by bringing you to justice!

Watching Citizens: Boo! Kill him!

We see a building with a rough hand-written banner: “100% Real Police Station.”  Inside and around it are minions poorly disguised as police officers. One minion out front holds a sign that says, “Drop off your villains here.” The hero is there, handing the villain off to them.

Hero: When did the citizenry become so bloodthirsty?



  1. Cay Reet

    ‘Tis a mystery!

  2. Leon

    Awesome comic. I’m looking forward to seeing where it’s heading.

    It’s nice knowing that the hero’s loved ones are protected by social justice, and that the hero herself can not fail, and even if she dies she will have glory, despite the fact that she’s just walked into what should be a murder-room.
    You know, if i didn’t know the hero was protected by social justice i wold have expected her to be captured and asked some questions. That would have been tense.

    I can’t wait to see how she get out of this… embarrassment?

  3. Leon

    I did not expect that comment to be posted.

    The praise for the comic was 100% genuine. We do need a lot less grim dark.

  4. Axolotl

    Very justice
    Much p0lice
    Quite police

    Just a theory, but I think the minions learnt to spell by scrolling through the memes section of the internet

  5. Paul

    If it was true to comicbooks the jail would be real, but would have a revolving do at the exit

  6. Kat

    100 % police, drop off minions here. <:

  7. Artor

    This comic seems a little prescient, coming in February of 2020.

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