In the game, Emma and Tash are in a tomb. Tash is trying to copy a set of runes, but has only the light of a single candle to go by. She is squinting and not doing a good job. Emma is keeping watch.

Tash: I need more light. with just a candle I won’t be able to copy this inscription before the Tomb Guardians come. .

Emma: Don’t worry, I’ll cast Blessings of the Lords of Light and Darkness.

At the table, Farid looks confused as Emma picks up her dice. 

Farid: You’ll cast what?

Emma: It’s either a light spell, or a darkness spell, depending on what we need.

Tash: Just be sure you pick the right option.

Emma rolls her dice. they all come up failures.

Emma: Oops.

Panel 4: In game, Emma and Tash are surrounded by darkness. Farid speaks in a voice over.

Faird: In the pitch blackness, you hear something scurrying around.

Emma: I’ll cast it again, and get it right this time.

In the game Emma gets the spell right, lighting up the hole room with a blazing ball of light. The light reveals she and Tash are both surrounded by tomb guardians.  

Emma plunges the room back into darkness.

Emma: On second thought, I think I liked the darkness better.

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