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Glutton for Punishment


In the game, a redcap has its teeth clamped on Farid, but his rapier is run through it. Emma’s words are in a voice-over.

Emma: You defeat the redcap, but it bites you hard enough to inflict five lethal damage.

Tash: Ouch.

Farid: It’s all right. I’ll use my Gluttonous Feast power to heal.

Farid piles his plate high with burgers and fries. He chows down, and his wounds vanish. Tash eats her own food like a normal person.

Farid: See, good as new.

Tash: Good, we’ve received word of a werewolf causing trouble near the Freehold.

Farid: Sweet! I go fight it!

Tash: Knock yourself out, I’m not done eating.

One werewolf later, Farid returns, again badly wounded.

Farid: Oh well, I’d better use Gluttonous Feast again.

Farid once again piles his plate high with food. 

Tash: I’m starting to think you just want to stuff your face.

Farid: So… Good…



  1. Cay Reet

    To think you have to eat a lot of stuff to heal … very nice. I have the feeling, though, Farid isn’t going to be very careful with picking his fights in this one.

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