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Ghost Friend


A decorative banner reads, “Naya and Her Ghost Friend!” Below it, Naya poses happily while a creepy decaying body with glowing eyes looms behind her.

The terrifying ghost is coming through the wall, its mouth unnaturally far open to form an unearthly scream.

Naya: What’s that, Ghost Friend? Timmy fell down a well? Let’s save him!

Naya is laying in bed. Creepy arms are coming out of the mattress on either side of her pillow, clawlike fingers reaching for her face.

Naya: My alarm didn’t go off again? Thanks for waking me up, Ghost Friend!

The ghost is crawling eerily along the ceiling. Below, shattered china is everywhere. Naya is holding a broken piece of china and is examining the cross section.

Naya: You’re right, Ghost Friend, this stuff is just a cheap knockoff. Let’s get rid of it.

The ghost, looking grumpy, is holding up a sign that reads, “Could you please just solve my murder so I can move on?”

Naya: Oh, Ghost Friend, you’re so funny!



  1. Cay Reet


  2. CJ

    Sweet mother of God that is hilariously dark.

  3. Julia

    Why would I want you to leave when you’re so helpful? The perils of haunting Wednesday Addams.

  4. J. M.

    I want a ghost friend!

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