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Getting Directions


A wizened stranger reaches out to a woman with a shoulder bag as they walk past on the road.

Stranger: You seek the gate of wind and cloud.

Woman, surprised: Sorry, have we met, or…?

Stranger: I know your quest. You are near to the end of your journey.

Woman: Oh good. Can you give me directions?

Stranger: Follow the North Star until you reach the light of three colors. Then face the rising sun and push onwards to the house of glass and steel, wherein stands great lines of humanity stretching through time. Only those who withstand this trial may ascend to the heavens and fly beyond this earthly coil.

Woman: Uh… thanks, but I think I’ll ask someone else how to get to the airport.



  1. SunlessNick

    Is it weird that I don’t find those directions particularly cryptic?

    I am picturing that guy having slept late on the day the mentoring jobs were giving out, and spending most of his time grumbling about how he could have been giving advice to some great heroine, so he could, and he’d so be better at it than that dillhole Andranar.

    • Juan

      Maybe she’s not used to be given direction in cardinal direction ?

  2. Erynus

    It reminds me of Strange Planet by Nathan W Pyle.

  3. Slayd

    Every time Wednesday rolls around, I think “Yes! There’s another comic out today!” I really enjoy these, keep up the great work!

    • Cay Reet

      Same. I really enjoy coming here on Wednesdays and seeing the new comic.

      • Bellis

        They’re always so good!

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