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Galactic Address


On the deck of a starship, the comm officer reads a tiny scroll of paper.

Comm Officer: Captain, we’ve decrypted a secret message from our informant!

Comm Officer: It says, “Meet me on planet Gargon in the Quarti system.”

Captain [pointing forward]: Set coordinates for planet Gargon.

With a flash, the ship appears just above the atmosphere of a planet.

Pilot: We’ve arrived, Captain.

Captain: Excellent. Take us to the meeting place.

The view zooms out, displaying the ship as a tiny speck over a large horizon with many cities and landscapes down below.

Pilot: Umm… where is that, Captain?

Captain: You know, wherever people on this planet meet.



  1. Grandala

    Haha! I have always wondered how people find specific locations to meet when general addresses are only given

  2. Jeppsson

    One of many instances of the “space is sea and planets are (small) islands” trope!

  3. Grey

    What about “meet me at Gargon-Quatri Lagrange 2”?

  4. SunlessNick


  5. Star of Hope

    Why didn’t they specified WHERE on the planet they shall meet? I would have suggested the Nordpol or orbit.

    Also sorry for being inactive, I had to work a lot and I got my first vaccine shot for Covid-19 yesterday.

  6. Rick Leone

    Thta’s the biggest letdown for me when it comes to sci-fi compared to fantasy: Fantasy tries to compress the highest variety of biomes and cultures in the tiniest amount of space, sci-fi instead is plenty of mono-biome and mono-culture planets

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