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In the game, Farid and Emma’s characters confront an army of goblins.

Farid: That’s it, we’re toast. We’d need an army to fight that many goblins.

Emma: I go back to town.

Farid stares at her, panicked, as she walks away.

Farid: Emma!

Emma: I just need ingredients for a spell! Brb!

Out of game, Emma consults Tash.

Emma: Ok… Do I know anyone there with dragon scales?

Tash: Check your social circles: Roll your “Circles” attribute.

Emma rolls failures.

Emma: Nope.

Tash: Hold on, I’m invoking the Enmity Clause. You know someone… but they really don’t like you.

Emma: Bat ears?

Tash: Roll.

Emma rolls more failures.

Tash: Sure, you know a lady…

Emma: Who also hates me…

Many Circle rolls later, in the game, Emma runs back to Farid, pursued by a myriad of angry people with torches and pitchforks shouting, “Get her!”

Emma: Hey Farid, I got your army!



  1. Buck Huckins

    They seem to roll a lot of 1s and 2s in this comic.

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