In the foreground, the hero is on the remains of a ship sinking into lava. She has an injury with a strange shadowy aura around it. In the background, two sidekicks reach out to her desperately.

Sidekick 2: Stop, you have to save yourself! 

Hero: I’m sorry, but this is the only way. Otherwise the rippers will respawn and terrorize our world once again.

The hero and her ship have sunk beneath the lava. In the background, the sidekicks hold hands under a blue sky with a rainbow and colorful butterflies everywhere.

Sidekick 1: Because of her sacrifice, the world is now free of threats, and we’ll live in peace for the rest of our days.

Sidekick 2: Hundreds of years from now, our legends will speak her name. 

Three days later…

The hero wakes up in a lab with a cool-looking new scar. The sidekicks lean over her.

Hero: How am I alive?

Sidekick 1: We extracted memories from trace amounts of your DNA and loaded them into your clone. 

Sidekick 2: Please, you have to save us from the blippers!

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