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In the game, Emma and Farid’s characters walk through a forest.

Emma: Come on, Farid, I’m tired of being lost in this haunted forest.

Farid: Sorry, I just don’t have enough dice.

At the table, Tash explains.

Tash: If you don’t have enough dice, to navigate out of the woods you can always FoRK a skill.

Farid: Sorry, you lost me.

Emma: Literally.

Tash: FoRK a “Field of Related Knowledge.” If you have a related skill ,you can tag it to get an extra die.

Farid: So… I can get a bonus on Orienteering from Cartography?

Tash: As long as you describe how it’s happening.

Farid: …If I take out the map I made?

Tash: Exactly.

In the game, Farid seems overcome.

Emma: Great, you’ve got another die. Now get us out of here.

Farid: Hang on, I want to FoRK my sword skill… I’m cutting a path through the underbrush.

Emma: This is getting ridiculous.

Farid: Oh wait, I could FoRK Animal Handling to know what paths animals take, and Observation by getting out my spyglass… And maybe tactics if I get out my chess board –

Out of game, Emma is annoyed.

Emma: Tash!

Tash rolls her eyes.

Tash: Farid, roll your dice.

Farid rolls successes.

Farid: All right!

Tash: Yes, you’ve gotten out of the woods, but I’m afraid there were some… Complications.

In the game, Farid falls out of the underbrush, chess pieces flying, spyglass bent, map ripped, and sword impaled on a tree behind him, with a rabbit riding his back.



  1. Greg

    couldn’t he have FoRKed Hunting?

  2. A master of dungeons

    He really FoRKed it up.

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