A visitor, Ann, is sitting at a dinner table with villagers in traditional clothing. They are in an idyllic cottage with low candle lighting. The villagers look like they’re up to something.

Ann: Where’s little Johnny?

Villager: Oh, Johnny’s helping us with a special ingredient. 

Ann: What is it?

Villager 2: We’ll tell you, but first you must eat this delicious meaty stew.

A little later, plates and bowls are now filled with food. Ann looks nonplussed.

Villager: It tasted good, yes? Well, you’ve just eaten – 

Ann: Johnny, who is the special ingredient as part of your ritual sacrifices to the old gods.

Johnny is in the doorway with herbs, looking aghast.

Villager: What?! No, Johnny was out collecting fresh sage! 

Villager 2: How could you possibly think that?

Ann: I’ve seen things.

Johnny: But why did you eat the stew?

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