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First Contact


People on the deck of a human spaceship and alien spaceship talk via their viewscreens. The humans look happy and enthusiastic, while the aliens look skeptical.

Human 1: Greetings, we’re humans!

Human 2: We’ve come to make first contact. Can we send a delegation down to your planet?

Alien 1: Well, you can, but it’s very important that you follow our local customs without question, even if they seem strange to you.

Alien 2: Otherwise there could be grave consequences.

Humans: Of course, we will respect your traditions!

On the planet, the two humans are walking in a single pair of three-legged pants and trying to balance fish bowls on their heads. They look panicked as they try to keep the fish bowls from falling.

Human 1: If this custom is so important, why isn’t anyone else doing it?

Human 2: Shhhh! You might offend our hosts!

In the foreground, Alien 1 and Alien 2 are laughing behind their hands.



  1. Jeppsson

    I swear this is an accurate presentation of those asshole aliens from Star Trek Enterprise, who were suuuuuuper offended by seeing some of the crew eating. Eating when others can see you is sooooo taboo in their culture that they were shocked to their very core; also, they said they shouldn’t even have to tell the crew WHY they were offended, since it should be OBVIOUS to them what they had done wrong!
    However, the asshole aliens had warp speed spaceships since way back, and literally every other species in the universe happily eats in public.

  2. LeeEsq

    Planet Artichoke?

  3. Cay Reet

    I can see how they might not make it into any alliance with humans…

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