People on the deck of a human spaceship and alien spaceship talk via their viewscreens. The humans look happy and enthusiastic, while the aliens look skeptical.

Human 1: Greetings, we’re humans!

Human 2: We’ve come to make first contact. Can we send a delegation down to your planet?

Alien 1: Well, you can, but it’s very important that you follow our local customs without question, even if they seem strange to you.

Alien 2: Otherwise there could be grave consequences.

Humans: Of course, we will respect your traditions!

On the planet, the two humans are walking in a single pair of three-legged pants and trying to balance fish bowls on their heads. They look panicked as they try to keep the fish bowls from falling.

Human 1: If this custom is so important, why isn’t anyone else doing it?

Human 2: Shhhh! You might offend our hosts!

In the foreground, Alien 1 and Alien 2 are laughing behind their hands.

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