We see a tall and graceful wizard tower (ivory in color). A pilgrim stands below it.

Pilgrim: Oh great and powerful wizard, I’ve come to seek your infinite wisdom!

The wizard pops their head from the tower’s window.

Wizard: If you wish to gain my knowledge, you must bring me the effervescent nectar of the night-blooming starflower.

Pilgrim: I shall!

The wizard is taking a bottle of glowing liquid out of a basket on a crank at the window. The pilgrim stands below.

Wizard: Good. Now bring me the bountiful fruit of the firewood tree.

Pilgrim: But I thought… alright, I’m going.

The wizard is unloading a basketful of fruit at his window.

Wizard: Now you must bring –

Pilgrim: Could you just give me a list of everything?

The pilgrim is reading a parchment with a long list.

Pilgrim: Honey, duck eggs, flour…

Wizard: Don’t forget the goat’s milk, or you shall never have the answers you seek!

The pilgrim looks up at the wizard skeptically. The wizard looks defeated.

Pilgrim: You can’t get down from there, can you?

Wizard: I… no.

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