Comics: Once Upon a Trope

Fatal Weakness


Charts, skeletons, and anatomical reference drawings of frightening aliens line the walls. A scientist stands with a water bottle and a sample container. A head science bureaucrat looks impatient.

Science Head: We need to find a way to neutralize this alien threat, fast.

Scientist: We just have to find their fatal weakness. I’ve got a tissue sample to run. Maybe it can tell us something. I think – WHOA!

The scientist trips over a cord lying across the floor. Their water bottle and the tissue sample go flying. Water splashes everywhere; the tissue sample skids across the ground.

Science Head: Dammit! We don’t have time for this.

Scientist: But look at what’s happening to the tissue!

They look at the sample lying in the puddle of water. It’s fizzing and dissolving. The two scientists stare at each other, shocked.

Science Head: Does this mean that …

Scientist: Their weakness is water.

The tissue sample has been nearly scorched from existence. 

Science Head: But Earth is about 70% water. How have they survived this long?

Scientist: Why would they even come here in the first place? They’re smart enough to build starships but not enough to avoid the one place in our solar system with water? Don’t they know that everything here can kill them?

Science Head straightens, getting ready to leave.

Science Head: It beats me. Well, good work, Doctor. Let’s send this to HQ, get these aliens off our backs, and then I can finally get back to that NASA project.

Scientist: Oh? What’s that?

Science Head: Our first trip to Venus.



  1. Dave L

    Yeah, but when we get to Venus we’ll wear spacesuits, and we certainly don’t intend to harvest the locals for food!

  2. guest

    yeah: visiting a planet where everything (more or less) can kill you is one thing. starting a WAR against the native inhabitants on a planet where everything (more or less) is fatal to you is a whole different story.
    funny comic nevertheless, though!

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