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Farm Boy


A fit mentor with a few gray flecks in his hair stands in a field next to a farm boy. Stars twinkle overhead.

Mentor: The stars have aligned. You are the one who must save us from the Dark Champion’s reign.

Farm boy: I just tend the chickens. I don’t know how to defeat anyone!

Mentor: Worry not. I shall give you the sword of enchantment and the armor of protection, and I shall train you in all the skills you’ll need.

Farm boy: But if you can do that, why not take out the Dark Champion yourself?

Mentor: Oh, I would, but the prophecy says only you can defeat her.

Farm boy: Well, I guess if the kingdom needs me to do this…

Mentor: (kneeling) I need you to do this.

The farm boy is inside an arena, running in terror from a menacing woman in black armor. The mentor is manning a betting stand.

Mentor: Place your bets now! 2 to 1 odds in favor of the reigning champion, best deal you’ll get!

Farm boy: Aaaaaah!



  1. Cay Reet

    That at least makes more sense than the farm boy chosen one normally does. A twisted, vicious sense, but sense.

  2. Jeppsson

    I love your comics!

  3. LeeEsq

    For once the chosen hero should not be a farm boy but a certified accountant that saves the day by getting the Kingdom’s finances and revenue collection into working order. A quiet mustached man who gardens and collects stamps in his spare time.

    • Paul C

      Brilliant, LeeEsq, brilliant!

      • LeeEsq

        I was thinking of the Magic Kingdom for Sale, Sold series. The rough plot is that a grieving widower/lawyer from our world ends becoming the King of stereotypical fantasy kingdom. The problem I have with this series as an adult, and somebody who was a lawyer, is that the protagonist just starts acting like the stereotypical fantasy King with some 20th century American in him.

        I think having a transplant character that remains a fundamentally modern person and uses their skill set to achieve the chosen ones rule in a subversive way like bringing about the golden age of peace and prosperity by diplomacy or what not rather than defeating Evil Wizard Devil Worshipping Person in combat would be interesting.

    • Cay Reet

      I love it!

  4. Ken Hughes

    For “bettors” substitute “readers.”

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