At the table, Tash and Emma are chatting.

Tash: Having Cthulhu eat us seemed unnecessary.

Emma: Said the GM who fed her players to a dragon.

Farid runs in with a copy of Vampire: The Masquerade in his hands. Emma moves to one side.

Farid: Move over, Emma, I’ve got our next game right here!

Tash: Vampire: The Masquerade? We agreed never to play that again after the Embrace incident.

Emma takes off her GMing cloak.

Emma: Sigh. I liked that game.

Tash takes the book to look through it.

Farid: It’s ok, this is the 20th Anniversary Edition. They’ve fixed a lot of the problems. They even balanced Celerity!

Emma: Come on, Tash, I miss the night!

Tash: Hmm… You’re right, they did balance the Disciplines. On the other hand, I see it’s still a game about complicated plots and difficult morality, but most of the rules are for having superpowers.

Emma: The superpowers are very important!

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