In a fantasy land, a whimsical elf holds out a fancy sheathed sword to someone in real-world clothing.

Elf: Child of Earth, might you deliver a royal gift for me?

Messenger: A magic sword?

Elf: Only the ignorant call such things magic! This is an eliptar made through the science of soul rendering.

Messenger: Sorry, I’m still learning what everything is called. So this is for the king, from the elves?

Elf: *Sigh.* Elves are fictional creatures of folklore. We’re the Lotherien. And what is this “king” you speak of? In yonder castle rules the Grand Moffkin.

Messenger, cringing: Sorry, I’ll get it right, I promise.

A ruler sits on the throne with their adviser nearby. Before the throne, the messenger presents the gift with a flourish. Elves laugh in the background.

Messenger: Grand Moffkin, I bring you a soul-rendered eliptar from the Lotherien! 

King to Adviser: Do you have any idea what he just said?

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