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Fairy Tale Baking


In a fantasy kitchen, a witchy-looking mother looks angrily at her beautiful adolescent daughter. The mother points toward a big oven.

Mother: Daughter, I’ve tolerated your adolescent whining for long enough. Into the oven!

Daughter, aghast: Are you saying you’re my stepmother?

Mother: What? No.

Daughter: Oh. You’re sure I was incubated in your womb?

Mother: For nine terrible months I will never get back, you monster.

The daughter crawls into the oven and pulls out a bone.

Daughter: Okay, you scared me for a moment. I’ll clean out all these bones for you.



  1. Cay Reet

    LOL … this is a fun one.

    Little thing about the description … the daughter crawls into the oven with a bone, not with a brush and dustpan.

    • Bunny

      Whoops! Thanks for catching that.

      • Cay Reet

        You’re welcome. Glad to see it has been changed.

  2. Julia M.

    Does the mother eat humans?

    • Cay Reet

      She’s clearly in the ‘baking children’ trade. Don’t forget that since the Brothers Grimm such atrocities can no longer be done by a birth mother, so as long as she’s the birth mother of her daughter, the daughter is in no dangers to share the fate of the other children.

  3. mysterious ghost

    I always love the facial expressions in this comic strip! Simple yet expressive!

    • Raillery

      Seconded. It’s difficult not to imagine the mother fantasizing about incinerating her daughter and also scoffing at the idea that the daughter would even think that her mother would so such a thing.

  4. J M


  5. Coolname

    I dont get it

    • Cay Reet

      In fairy tale retellings since the Brothers Grimm, only stepmothers kill children. Hence as long as the girl is the biological daughter, she’s in no danger.

      • Bellis

        … or she thinks she isn’t…

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