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Fair Weather PC

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In the game, Farid and Emma struggle under a blazing sun.

Faird: Urg, this heat is killing me.

Emma: Indeed, it is making our quest far more difficult.

At the table, Tash turns to Emma.

Tash: If you don’t like the weather, Emma, you can roll Weather Watcher to predict it will change soon.

Emma: Wait, I can change the weather with my skill?

Tash: Effectively, yes.

Emma grabs some dice.

Faird: Can you predict a breeze to cool us off?

Emma: That’s small potatoes. Soon it’ll be snowing in summer!

In the game, Emma and Farid are covered in snow.

Farid: Well, this is going to be really bad for the crops, but at least we’ve solved Global Warming.

Emma: We, Farid? Pretty sure this was all me.


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