A mentor yells at an exhausted novice. The novice turns to go.

Mentor: You weakling, you’ll never become an elite shadow warrior!

Novice: Oh, that’s too bad. Well… thanks for your time.

Mentor: Wait – where are you going?

Standing next to a different student, the mentor gestures towards a boulder.

Mentor: You must balance this boulder on the tip of your finger – without ever lifting it!

Student: But how is that possible?

Mentor: It doesn’t count unless you struggle for weeks to understand.

The mentor shoves a near-graduate toward a flaming archway.

Mentor: It’s time for the final test!

Near-Graduate: What happens if I don’t pass on my first try?

Mentor: You die, obviously.

As the finalist runs through the archway, the mentor talks to a fellow instructor.

Mentor: I hope this one makes it. For some reason our numbers keep dwindling.

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