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Eerie Silence


Two nervous heroes are walking in a dim forest.

Hero 1: Did you hear that?

Hero 2: Hear what?

Hero 1: Exactly. There’s no birds chirping, squirrels chattering, or even leaves rustling. It’s as though the entire forest is holding its breath.

A tree falls over neatly. The heroes look at it, aghast.

Hero 2: That didn’t make any noise either!

Hero 1: God help us.

A camera person and an exasperated director appear in the foreground.

Director: Fred, how many times do I have to tell you that sound effects are added in post?



  1. Cay Reet

    Everyone knows that hearing the heavy, stomping steps of the enemy nearby is by far better than a silent forest.

    There’s too much post-production around…

  2. Erynus

    It’s quiet…. too quiet.

  3. CJ

    hmm, the silent forest seems to be made of quiet!

  4. Daniel

    A Silence of Three Frames.

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