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Earthen Remains



At the table, Farid is handing out experience, Emma is scanning through the book while Tash looks on.

Farid: And another session comes to an end. Time to spend some experience points.

Emma: I’m thinking of getting the Protean Discipline. At rank 3, it lets a vampire meld into stone.

Tash: What good is that?

Farid: You can use it to hide from enemies, or the sun.

Emma shows tash the book.

Emma: The book even says there are legends of countless ancient vampires hidden in the ground.

Tash: How does that work when new construction starts?

In the game, a crane pulls an old vampire out the ground. The vampire bursts into flames.

Worker 1: We got another one.

Worker 2: Throw it on the pile.



  1. Cay Reet

    That’s an interesting point, actually. My own time with the WoD has been a while ago, but I wondered a bit about that ability then as well. I mean, at first it seems a good idea to just melt into the ground or into stone or another material, but what if someone decided to dig where you have fused with the ground? That might not have been a big thing in the middle ages, but in modern times, there’s not a lot of places where nobody would ever dig. Even if it’s in the middle of a park where nobody will come and build something, there’s still the gardeners who might decide to plant something there.

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      Death by beanstalk. Serious problem for Vampires.

    • AndrewR

      I always took it as an ‘in case of emergency’ power. Gangrels tend to explore outside cities and sometimes can be caught in the wilderness with no shelter for miles when the sun comes up. That’s when this is an unlifesaver. Also you are ‘buried’ 6 feet under (from what I remember) so gardeners aren’t usually a problem. Backhoes? Probably.

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      It’s a useful power for sure, AndrewR. If nothing else, you can use it to escape from that pack of angry werewolves. I just thought the idea of all these old vampires sleeping in the ground for hundreds of years was funny.

    • Cay Reet

      I always thought it was useful outside settlements, too, AndrewR, just not in cities or in areas set for developments … which would make the idea of sleeping in the ground long-term (as an ancient vampire) a rather dangerous one.

  2. Bronze Dog

    My werewolf group managed to find a vampire’s location during the day via his cell phone, and had a bit of confusion when there was just a concrete floor there. Fortunately, we rolled high enough on Occult to realize what was up.

    So, we used our meteor bullet talen, since we didn’t have any burrowing skill. Was rather anti-climactic.

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