Comics: Once Upon a Trope

Dramatic Pose


The hero strikes an over-the-top pose with their chest puffed up and hands on their hips, staring into the middle distance.

Side character: Are you a hero?

Hero: Of course! Do you not see my heroic pose?

The hero has struck a different, even more ridiculous pose, this time balancing impossibly with their sword.

Side character: So you could defend my village from a villain?

Hero: My posture is nigh undefeatable!

Side character: Good enough. Come on!

The two are running. The hero has a dramatic running pose.

The hero plants themself in front of the villain in another dramatic stance. The villain just stands normally looking at the hero in bewilderment.

Hero: To save the lives of these villagers, I challenge you, villain!

The villain strikes a really over-the-top villain pose. The hero’s eyes are wide with fear. 

The hero is on the ground holding a melodramatic death pose. The side character stands over them looking annoyed.

Hero: The villain… has defeated me… Save yourself…

Side character: Dammit.



  1. Cay Reet

    Posers … LOL.

  2. Jeppsson

    This reminds me SO MUCH of Zoolander’s “Magnum”!

  3. Dave L

    A posing force

  4. Ken Hughes

    You pose well… but you pose no threat to me!

  5. Andy Onimoose

    I smell JoJo!

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