A hero speaks dramatically as a small crowd behind them watches impassively.

Hero: We must ask ourselves: Where is the line between unchecked greed and enjoying life’s simple pleasures?

The camera pans over to reveal the hero is standing at the window of an ice cream truck. The ice cream vendor looks exasperated. 

Vendor: I promise I will think about that if you just choose your cone size…

Hero: But would it be fair for me to have so much when others have so little?

The customers in the ice cream line look grumpy, especially the person at the back.

Vendor: Others have so little because you’re holding up the line.

Hero: Oh, right. Umm, let’s see…

The customer from the back of the line is in the driver’s seat, driving off with the truck.

Villainous Customer: There is no right or wrong size, there is only the power to seize as much as you want!

Vendor: God dammit, Fred.

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