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Don’t Sweat It



In the game, Tash and Emma flee from a hostile vampire. Farid speaks in a voice over.

Tash: The Sabbat have found us, we’ve got to run!

Emma: This way!

Farid: You escape the enemy, but the chase was exhausting, even for vampires.

Emma and Tash stop to rest, both are sweating droplets, and Tash has only just noticed.

Emma: Fine, we’ll rest here for a bit, and then-

Tash: What the hell?!

At the table, Tash is revolted, and Farid looks a little sheepish.

Tash: Vampires sweat blood?

Farid: Yeah, all the bodily fluids are replaced with blood when you become a vampire.

Tash: That’s disgusting!

Emma: But it explains why they’re always lounging around in mansions. They don’t want to accidentally break a sweat.



  1. Bronze Dog

    Another reason I don’t think I’d make it as a vampire… Now imagining a vampire blowing their nose. Eww.

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      Yeeeaaah. But on the bright side, this is a bit of deep canon trivia I can’t see any GM enforcing.

  2. Tet

    Wait a minute, -all- bodily fluids? What about eye lube juice?

    • Cay Reet

      Blood, obviously. Which explains why a vampire’s eyes always have a red sheen.

  3. Lev Lafayette

    Morning after the big night and becoming a vampire. Character goes to the toilet.

    “What the hell?! I’m pissing blood?! Do I have a kidney disease? Did I drink too much beetroot juice? …”

    “Oh yeah… I’m a vampire. All bodily fluids.”

  4. Greg

    Well, yeah, I suppose vampires would cry tears of blood, and pee blood instead of urine. I also suppose that if they sweated, it would be blood, but what would cause a vampire to sweat? Does exertion cause a vampire’s body temperature to rise? And if so, would the undead body respond by trying to cool it off?

    Funny cartoon though

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