In the game, Emma and Farid look at the dead body on the observation deck.

Emma: Fine, you’re the magic one, so you’re obviously the villain doing some kind of spooky ritual!

Farid: I’m the villain? You shot this guy!

Emma hides her gun behind her back. 

Emma: Anyone could have shot him.

Farid: You’re the only one here with a gun.

Tash pokes her head in. 

Tash: You seem to have reached an impasse. You’ll have to find a way to resolve this before you move on.

Emma and Farid continue arguing. 

Emma: I have amnesia! You can’t hold me responsible for something I don’t remember.

Faird: Wait, you have amnesia too?

They stare at each other for a moment, then bump fists. 

Both: Amnesia buddies!

Treat your friends to an evening of dark ritual murder. In a fictional game scenario, of course. Uncover your lost memories and save the day in our stand-alone game, The Voyage.

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