Hero and sidekick are surrounded by enemy forces. The sidekick looks scared.

Sidekick: How are we going to get out of this?

Hero holds up a large weapon that was obviously not on their person previously.

Hero: Worry not, this army is no match for my deus ex machiner!

Sidekick looks outraged.

Sidekick: Where did that weapon come from?!

Hero: Oh, this little thing? Always had it.

Sidekick: Then why didn’t you use it on that T-Rex?

Hero: We had to build character.

Sidekick: The necromancer?

Hero: Needed to break his spirit.

Sidekick: The alien invasion?

Hero: I forgot about it.

Sidekick facepalms in frustration.

Sidekick: Well… what matters is that we can use it going forward.

Hero is still proud and chipper. Sidekick glares.

Hero: Count on it!

Hero: As long there’s no atmospheric interference to keep it from firing and our enemies don’t know the counter charm that negates its effect, of course.

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