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Dating a Superhero


Dude and Date sit in a nice restaurant.

On the news: When will a hero arrive to save these innocent people?!

Dude: Sorry, I have to go!

Date: But our dinner hasn’t even arrived yet.

Dude [holding phone]: Yes, but my boss… very unreasonable… be back in a jiffy, I swear!

Dude runs out. His date calls and reaches out after him.

Date: That’s what you said last time!

Dude is with his boss in an office full of filing cabinets and paperwork.

Dude: But I already filed these! Please let me go back to my date.

Boss [holding phone]: I’m busy on a call. Keep filing.

On the other end of the phone, Date is dressed in a superhero outfit.

Date: You can let him go, I’m already on my way back to the restaurant. Thanks for helping!

Boss: Anytime.



  1. Cay Reet

    LOL … I didn’t see that coming.

  2. Grandala

    Wow!! That was such an unexpected twist at the end! I enjoyed reading this comic very much!

  3. Erynus

    You are good…very good.

  4. Kit

    Ha, gotta feel bad for the guy. And by the way, Bunny, your art’s looking amazing!

  5. Tenório

    Nice twist on the trope!!

  6. SunlessNick

    That was great! I was expecting a twist, but not that one.

  7. Joseph

    This made my day

  8. Ken Hughes

    This is why Clark Kent and Peter Parker have the best secret IDs in the business. Anyone else knows if they make excuses too fast after the emergency report, someone may remember that. All a journalist has to say is “That’s a story!”

  9. Star of Hope

    I did not see this coming, you are good Chris and you too Bunny.

    A twist I would like to see is the Revenge plot.

    Uh where we are at it, where can I write ideas for articles on this side? There is one I have in mind.

    • Chris Winkle

      Thanks! If you are suggesting tropes for us to write comics on, the comments are fine. You can also submit our contact form ( if you’d prefer. I would just ask that you be specific, revenge plots are a huge category, whereas the comics focus on very specific tropes that would typically occur in one scene.

      If there’s an article topic you’ve like us to cover, the contact form is probably the most reliable way to have your request seen – we probably won’t get to it anytime soon, but we do keep requests in mind and occasionally we do write articles in response to requests.

      On the other hand if you want to submit a guest article written by you or pitch and an idea for something you’ll be writing, we have a special form for that:

  10. Adam

    I had to reread it and really think about it, but now I get it LOL

  11. Jeppsson

    Awesome twist!

  12. CJ

    wtf, how the turn tables

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