Dude and Date sit in a nice restaurant.

On the news: When will a hero arrive to save these innocent people?!

Dude: Sorry, I have to go!

Date: But our dinner hasn’t even arrived yet.

Dude [holding phone]: Yes, but my boss… very unreasonable… be back in a jiffy, I swear!

Dude runs out. His date calls and reaches out after him.

Date: That’s what you said last time!

Dude is with his boss in an office full of filing cabinets and paperwork.

Dude: But I already filed these! Please let me go back to my date.

Boss [holding phone]: I’m busy on a call. Keep filing.

On the other end of the phone, Date is dressed in a superhero outfit.

Date: You can let him go, I’m already on my way back to the restaurant. Thanks for helping!

Boss: Anytime.

P.S. Our bills are paid by our wonderful patrons. Could you chip in?

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