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Farid brings the D6 Star Wars book to the game table. Tash looks skeptical.

Tash: D6 Star Wars, Huh? We’re going really old school today.

Farid: You gotta respect the classics.

Tash: Don’t you need a lot of dice for this game?

Farid dumps some dice from a pouch onto the table.

Farid: It’s fine, I’ve got it covered.

Emma: I’m attacking with my Lightsaber skill plus my Dexterity, and getting a bonus dice from my Lightsaber Combat power, and double it all with a Force Point. How many dice do I need?

Farid dumps more dice onto the table until the players are completely buried.

Farid: See, I brought enough.

Emma: Now I just have to add them all up!


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