Two women are in a room filled with computers. One is sitting in a high-tech chair, rigged up to a futuristic virtual reality system.

Friend: Are you ready to fight THE ULTIMATE cyber battle?

Player: I am! I am!

Friend: Okay, but one more thing…

The player looks worried.

Friend: If you die in the game, you die in real life. 

Player: What? You mean…

Her expression changes to scared.

Player: My mind, believing itself done for, will be lost in the depths of cyber limbo…

She now looks completely terrified.

Player: …staying disconnected for so long that my body will WITHER and DIE?

Her friend menacingly holds out a pointy wooden stake. The player recoils in surprise. 

Friend: No, see, I’ve bet all my money on this game, and I’ll be watching your score.

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