Inside an otherworldly home, ribbons cross in front of a door out of the building. A hero and their friend converse nearby.

Hero: Sometimes I wonder why going through doors is taboo. 

Friend: That should be obvious! Only traveling through upper windows gives us the blessing of the gods. 

The hero looks in alarm out a window.

Hero: Do you hear that? Enemy soldiers are coming!

Friend: I’m afraid we don’t have time to climb the stairs and descend down a rope ladder. Let’s just cower until they come kill us.

The hero points to the door while the friend stares in shock.

Hero: I have an idea. I know it’s radical, but what if we left through the door?

Friend: Wow, you’re such an edgy, innovative thinker!

The hero and friend sneak away from the building as the soldiers start climbing to the second floor windows.

Hero: Wait – why do we even have doors?

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