In a courtroom, the bored jury is half asleep and the judge stares apathetically as the prosecution speaks.

Prosecution: And now for my third expert witness to evaluate the cloud cover in the photograph taken near the crime…

The defense attorney stands up dramatically and holds out a locket. A shadow monster comes out of the locket as the wide-eyed jury gasps. The judge stares apathetically.

Defense: Wait! Your honor, I can prove the real killer was this shadow locket!

The jury claps and cheers as the defense attorney aims a magical beam of light at the monster, destroying it. The judge stares apathetically.

Defense: I banish you to the under realm! 

The defense attorney basks in the jury’s adoration as they hold up the singed locket. The judge throws her hands up in the air.

Judge: Every time you do this I have to declare a mistrial.

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