A space monk hovers, with hands out, casting light about them. A second monk appears, their hand outstretched.

Space Monk 1: Now I shall spread the divine light!

Space Monk 2: Wait! You mustn’t do that!

The space monks stand and talk. The first space monk looks confused.

Space Monk 2: If you spread goodness throughout the galaxy, evil will rise to counter it. You must seek a balance between the two.

Space Monk 1: So instead I should minimize evil by… creating more evil.

Space Monk 2: If you achieve balance, evil won’t rise to counter good.

Space Monk 1: And that’s for the greater good?

Space Monk 2: No, it’s for a neutral balance.

The second space monk starts to look frustrated.

Space Monk 1: But neutral is good?

Space Monk 2: No, neutral is neutral.

The second space monk throws their hand in the air.

Space Monk 1: But you said it prevents evil, so this neutral must be –

Space Monk 2: For the last time, nothing I’ve said is good!

The space monks stare at each other for a moment.

The first space monk waves a glowing hand in front of their fellow’s face.

Space Monk 1: You want to go home and rethink your life.

Space Monk 2: Yeah, I do.

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