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Completely Alien


On the command deck of a spaceship, a human crew is looking at human-appearing people on the viewscreen.

Zodians: We are aliens from the planet Zod!

Captain: Umm… are you sure?

Zodians: Are we sure we know what planet we come from?!

Captain: Sorry, it’s just that you look human.

Zodians: That’s so human-centric! Maybe YOU look Zodian.

Captain: Okay, but… why do we look the same at all?

On the command deck of the other ship, with the humans on the viewscreen, the two characters we saw on the viewscreen before are wearing human suits in front, but with big dinosaur tails and spikes sticking out from behind where the humans can’t see them.

Zodians: We came out to make peaceful contact, and we’re honestly feeling so attacked right now.



  1. LazerRobot

    Ha! Those are some pretty convincing human costumes.

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