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Clever Comeback


The hero confronts the villain just beyond a blind corner in the villain’s lair. The villain towers over them, looking menacing.

Hero: Your spree is over, Cleptomania! I’ll stop you from stealing our cities!

Villain: Oh yeah?

Hero: Yeah!

The villains raises an eyebrow at the hero. The hero holds their hands out expectantly.

Villain: So… are you going to try, or…?

Hero: Don’t you have a question to ask?

Villain: I just asked two.

Hero: Not those. Here’s a hint: You and what…?

The villain looks confused, while the hero is clearly frustrated.

Villain: Me and what…?

Hero: No! Remember I said, “I’ll stop you,” so then you say, “You and what…?”

The villain is still confused. The hero throws up their hands in exasperation and storms away.

Villain: You and what?

Hero: UGH! Never mind!

Behind the corner, an army is hidden. One of the soldiers looks at the frustrated hero in surprise.

Soldier: Sir, aren’t we going to leap out and get the villain?

Hero: No! She ruined it!



  1. Cay Reet

    LOL … good one again!

    Yes, it’s annoying if you have an army and the villain doesn’t ask about it…

  2. SunlessNick


  3. Dave L

    >Villain: Oh yeah?
    >Hero: Yeah!

    Yeah, after that exchange nobody’s expecting sparkling from either of these two

  4. Beatrix the Bee

    Love the hero’s costume design

    • Zhireve

      Agreed. The art on these comics is getting better and better all the time. Keep it up!

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