A hero is tied up in a chair in a villain’s high tech lair. A giant super weapon sits nearby.

Villain: I will destroy the world and rebuild from its ashes!

Hero: Right, of course. But just to clarify, how will you rebuild once all the construction companies are destroyed?

Villain: I will form my own construction companies.

Hero: Sure, good idea. But… what about the equipment and materials they’ll need? Who’s going to manufacture all that?

Villain: Me, with my new and improved factories.

Hero: Okay, just one small thing…


The villain has drawn an elaborate diagram on a large chalkboard in front of the still tied up hero. The villain holds a pointer toward the chalkboard.

Villain: So once I reinvent agriculture, I will be able to feed excess people, allowing for a specialized workforce. Then I can finally introduce the populace to currency –

Hero: Oh I know! If you unlock masonry, you can build big walls.

Villain: Good idea.

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