Comics: Once Upon a Trope

Cinematic Nemesis


A superhero in a high-tech suit takes cover around a corner, looking beaten-up.

Sidekick: Steel Man, are you okay?

Steel Man: I’m afraid I’ve met my match. He shoots like me, moves like me, uses the same tech…

In the room past the corner stands a large mirror.

Steel Man: And if I defeat him, I’ll have seven years of bad luck!

Future Comic Interruptions

Bunny has just entered college, leaving her with less time to draw comics. We’ll keep putting a comic out every week if possible, but we may switch to every other week or have periodic breaks. Thanks for understanding!



  1. Cay Reet

    LOL … but, actually, pretty true. The hardest enemy to defeat is usually the one who mirrors the hero (hence people still copy the Holmes/Moriarty pairing).

    • Grey

      Or why video games have mirror-match bosses, like Dark Link in the Legend of Zelda series.

      Also, all the evil clones of the hero.

  2. Beth

    Good luck at college, Bunny!

  3. Julia

    Steel Man needs to reflect on his strategy some more.

    • Cay Reet

      I see what you did there and approve of it.

  4. Whelk

    Thanks for all the awesome comics Bunny, and congrats on starting college!

  5. Circe

    Congratulations, Bunny!!

  6. Bellis

    Congrats Bunny! College sounds exciting, I hope you have a great time there!

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