A muscled desert warrior looks across the sands at sunset. A servant in fine white robes approaches him.

Warrior: If only I had someone to watch the sunset with.

Servant: Warrior, I’m here on behalf of Ellena, the only daughter of the Iron Chieftain.

Warrior: You mean the chieftain who united the five clans and tamed a giant snake? 

Servant: The same. Ellena complains that since her mother died, her father has been so lost to grief that he’s kept her closely guarded in the palace.

Warrior: Tell her she will be confined no more! For her father shall find me a worthy suitor.

In a throne room, the warrior kneels before the chieftain, holding out a bouquet of flowers. Nearby, a little girl claps her hands excitedly.

Warrior: Great Chieftain, be no longer lost in grief, for my love will soothe your wounds!

Ellena: Yay!

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