At the table, Farid opens his laptop  to take notes.

Farid: Alright my Neonates, choose your clan and prepare to spend points.  

Tash: I’m feeling the political angle.

In the game, Tash appears as an elegant vampire dressed in highly fashionable attire and holding a delicate glass of dark red liquid.

Tash: An 8th Generation Ventrue, with plots spanning centuries. She uses Presence and Dominate to avoid anything so brutish as a fight.

Emma appears a vampiric punk, and torn clothes, wild hair, and a sweet axe.

Emma: Whatever, Butterfly. I’m a Brujah of the streets, bringing the punk to this gothic punk setting. Anything gets in my way, it can taste axe and fang.

Tash looks down at Emma with amusement.

Tash: So, you’re a Brujah. Are you likely to cause a ruckus? Make a lot of noise? Maybe even a… Brouhaha?

Emma: You know one of my powers is super strength, right?

Treat your friends to an evening of ritual murder – in a fictional RPG scenario, of course. Uncover your lost memories and escape a supernatural menace in our one-shot adventure, The Voyage.

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