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Bound Together

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Tash: The angry mob has you cornered. Their pitchforks all look nice and sharp.

Emma: All this because of a botched spell? I turned the mayor back into a human, didn’t I?

In the game, Farid and Emma’s characters face an angry crowd.

Farid: Emma… we can’t hurt them, they’re just scared and confused villagers.

Emma: It’s ok, I have a spell for this. Binding makes all metal stick together.

She casts the spell.

Emma: Take that, pointy pitchforks!

Farid: Okay, great! Now RUN!

Tash [out of game]: Well played. Their pitchforks fuse together making them useless. But, one of the villagers has a wooden bow and is aiming at Emma.

Farid: I tackle Emma to the ground!

Emma: Thanks, I guess.

Farid: Okay, I get up to…

Tash smiles.

Tash: Actually, no, you don’t.

Emma: What? Why?

Tash: You know how Binding fused all the metal?

In the game, Farid’s metal helmet, sword, and shield have melded together, trapping him against Emma.

Farid: Emma, help! All my metal is stuck.

Emma: Well played, Tash, well played.



  1. Qondomon

    AH AH! This one kill me

    • Oren Ashkenazi

      I’ll have you know that spell backfiring is a very serious issue! It effects thousands of imaginary people every year!

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