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Born to Steel

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Out of the game, Farid looks annoyed.

Farid: Why?! Why is Emma’s Steel so high?

Emma: It’s not complicated. Once, long ago, I formed a creature and brought it to life.

Farid: Did not.

Emma leans forward. A maniacal look comes over her. Farid looks skeptical.

Emma: I’m serious, Farid. I brought a soul into this world. There was blood, screaming and everything.

Farid: You may be magic, but you are not that powerful.

Emma: It’s called the magic of birth.

Tash: Ahem. Giving birth gives you a higher Steel. We did this at character creation. Your character didn’t have a womb, remember?

Farid looks frustrated. Emma sits back with a smug expression.

Farid: You’re overpowered!

Emma: Jealous?

(Not sure what Steel is? See the previous comic!)


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