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Barometric Pressure

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At the table, Faird is looking at the Traits section on his character sheet.

Farid: Just so I understand, our Traits can be used to give us a bonus or a penalty, right?

Tash: Yes. If you use a Trait to penalize yourself, you get rewarded later for good roleplaying.

Emma: That’s fine for Traits like Fearless or Thoughtful, but how am I supposed to use Weather Sense against myself?

Faird: Maybe you get weird feelings when the weather’s going to change, and that distracts you?

Emma: Like a pirate?

In the game, Emma is dressed like a pirate. With a beetle on her shoulder like a parrot. Farid is face-palming.  

Emma: Yar, I can feel a storm coming in me bones.

Farid: That’s not really what I meant.

At the table, Tash looks amused.

Tash: I’ll allow it. Talking like a pirate will definitely penalize your social rolls.


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