Two explorers pore over a map.

Rae: As you and I both know, Bob, the planet’s surface has hundreds of magical zones that –

Bob: I didn’t know that.

Rae: You didn’t? Well, you do now. In any case, we know from The Sacred Book that magical zones contain enchantium –

Bob: You don’t know that.

Rae: How could I not know?! I just said it.

Bob: You’re assuming The Book is accurate, but you haven’t verified it.

Rae: Could I continue please? 

Bob: If you must.

Rae: As I was saying, you and I both know that this enchantium is the best storage medium for soul essence, so – 

Bob: Neither of us know that. How would we even measure soul essence? And what qualities mean “best”?

Rae, storming off: Fine! I’m done. I hope no one asks what the hell is happening!

Bob: Especially since we don’t know.

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