Comics: Roll Dice Already!

Aware, but Not Alert



At the table, Tash rolls a bunch of dice as Farid describes what’s happening. Five of Tash’s dice come up six or more.\

Farid: You feel a prickle on the back of your neck. Roll Awareness to detect the supernatural creature sneaking up on you.

Tash: Five successes.

Farid: You’re sure now, a demon stalks you, hidden in the shadows. Roll Alertness to spot it.

Tash: It’s been a long time. Alertness is different than Awareness?  

Farid: Awareness is a sixth sense to detect the supernatural. Alertness is being able to see what’s in front of you.

Tash rolls her dice. Most of them come up ones.

Tash: Botch. What does that mean?

In the game, Tash is staring right at a hulking demon without even seeing it. Emma grabs her axe, exasperated.

Tash: I just know there’s a demon around here somewhere…

Emma: Oh, for Cain’s sake!


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