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Ancient Treasure


A sword in a jeweled hilt sits on a pedestal under a beam of light. A robed cleric and an armored hero stand on either side of it.

Cleric: May I present the Sword of Elandra.

Cleric: Forged in the fires of the ancients.

Cleric: Wielded by the Lightbringer of the last eon.

Cleric: Recently recovered, now here to inspire greatness!

The hero picks the sword up. The cleric looks surprised.

Hero: Wow, with this I’ll defeat the Lich King in no time.

Cleric: Wait, that’s not –

Removed from its sheath, the completely rusted sword falls off the hilt and breaks in two. The hero looks sheepish, while the cleric is clearly angry.

Hero: Oops.

Cleric: That sword was a historical treasure!



  1. SunlessNick

    And now it’s two historical relics!

    • Cay Reet

      Even better, now they can come up with a mythical story about how it was broken in a battle against evil and how one day the true heir will find a way to repair it and prove their worth.

  2. Julia S

    That sword belongs in a museum!

    • Esq.

      It was in a museum. The museum was just too cheap to pay for an adequate security system.

      • Int

        They should auction off half the sworrd to afford security for the other half.

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