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An Xmas Riddle

This guest comic by Vectober. Check out his work!


Santa is sitting at his desk, writing on a scroll with a fancy feather quill. He sits beside a decorated Christmas tree and snow falls gently outside. 

People always wonder what Santa does the remaining 364 days a year, and we’ve finally figured it out.

We see over Santa’s shoulder. At the top of his scroll is the title “Six Reasons Reindeer Make Fantastic Transportation.” 

He’s making a list, and checking it twice.



  1. Razr39325

    I wonder where he gets all the paper from. Also, he probably now has carpal tunnel syndrome. :p
    Love the comic

  2. Adam

    I don’t get it

    • Razr39325

      I am pretty sure that the comic is implying that Santa runs his own Mythcreants like site where he makes lists of things arguing a certain point. The format most Mythcreants articles follow hence the title of what he is writing.

      • Henry Lancaster

        Aw, I was hoping it meant they have Santa working for the site during his downtime.

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