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In the game, the bandits have tied Emma and Tash to a tree and taken their stuff. One of them holds up a wanted  poster. Farid speaks in a voice over. 

Farid: The bandits take your weapons and tools, then tie you to a tree.

Bandit: Now you stay put – we’ll be turning you in for the bounty.

Emma: How are we going to escape? Tied up like this, I can’t even cast spells.

At the table, Tash and Emma search through their character sheets for something useful.

Tash: And none of my skills are useful for escaping bonds. Perhaps we could use our Nature stats?

Emma: We have a stat that tells us how in touch we are with nature?

Tash: No, your Nature stat tells you how good you are at the basic things your fantasy race is known for.

Emma: Hmm. I’m a dwarf, so I have Delving, Crafting, and Avenging Grudges.

Tash gets a crafty look on her face.

Tash: Elves have Singing, Remembering, and Hiding. I know, I can sing a song so beautiful the bandits decide to let us go.

Tash rolls five dice, and they all come up 1s and 2s.

Farid: Well, your song certainly has an effect on the bandits…

In the game, Tash sings so badly that the bandits collapse, clutching their ears. 


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