Comics: Once Upon a Trope

Alien Diplomacy


At the diplomacy table, a human and an alien in a strange bodysuit are in a fierce argument. At the end of the table, the hero puts out their hands to call a halt.

Hero: Stop fighting!

The hero pulls off the alien’s strange helmet, revealing a human underneath.

Hero: You have more in common than you think!

The hero pulls off the human’s mask, revealing an alien underneath. Both parties look at them angrily.

Hero: Oh. Sorry, uh… proceed?



  1. Dave L

    “Of course we have a lot in common! That’s why we’re fighting!”

  2. Erynus

    I’d never negotiate with someone that disguise itself.
    The fact that both conceal their identities is a thing in common…

  3. CJ

    It’s always the hero trying to act as a mediator, but failing horribly.

  4. Julia S

    Ah, yes. It’s the old ‘give them a common enemy’ tactic!

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